Welcome, all.

Can your pen keep up with your brain? We're going to scratch pen to paper together. A prompt might release a story that's been built up for years, or you may need to list your ToDos. No pressure! Just the quiet of church with the magic communion of words appearing on the page.

Thanks to the amazing women who showed up—in person and on the page—for the first classes at the welcoming Book Passage in Corte Madera!

Next sessions coming soon!

Stay tuned.

Inform the salon.

Our writing community is open to all who willingly wield the pen. One condition: We're talking and writing about motherhood—your motherhood, your mother, your partner's  mother, motherhood in the news, books, and film.

Our salon will feature speakers—journalists, authors, publishers, agents, entrepreneurs—who share one defining thing in common. They balance their careers with their motherhood. And you, dear members, will co-create the direction and the conversation.

Brain drain.